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Grandma's Kite
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Karen Zethmayr
Violin and viola teacher,
Monroe Street Arts Center, Madison
~~~~~ teaching calendar ~~~~~

I'm a violinist and teacher with a lifelong interest in putting thoughts on paper with words and pictures. I teach at Monroe Street Arts Center in Madison. I studied Suzuki's approach to teaching (and living) when my kids were of preschool age. At that time I was concerned about my own playing and "chops."

I found Suzuki's thorough method of teaching to be true to the best of traditional methods. I'll always be grateful for the time spent at Eastman working through the Suzuki curriculum, and the restorative effect it had on my playing after those frantic young-mom-of-toddlers years.


BMus, Lawrence University (major in violin, minor in voice)
Certified to teach music and reading preK-12
Suzuki violin pedagogy at Eastman School of Music, WI
Associate of Applied Arts, Graphic Design/Commercial Art

Violin study after graduating Lawrence University
Scott Willits (Chicago) and
Giorgio Silzer (Berlin) and Anastasia
Jempelis (Eastman School of Music .)

Vocal study
Mari Taniguchi, Lawrence University
Blanch Yuenger, Amerian Conservatory, Chicago, 1year),
Olga Ryss and Florette Blank, New York and Aspen),
Elsa Varena, Berlin 3 years)
Anna Kaskas, Eastman School of Music 3 years), and
Bettina Bjorksten, Madison

Bernard Alcorn, Chicago musician, pencil sketch by Karen Zethmayr
paper jam, jazz musicians, piano player, flute player, paper scupture

monkey face, cartoon in pastel pencil

apple, pallette knife oil

pastel portrait

animals playing volleyball, tiger, organgutan, pastel painting
pencil drawing of cat painting, illustratino from book, Karen Zethmayr
concert sketch paper jam monkey
golfer Sr. Perez tiger playing volley ball book illustration