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Grandma's Kite
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A resource site for Suzuki violin, music/
computer activites, and a little DIY fun

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Theme Starters

~~printable PDFs~~

Designed by kids for kids: Describing a business that sells products designed by kids.

Sell me a car Creating a "high pressure" sales personality and then imagining yourself as the customer. Looking at other ways to sell.

It Was Only Yesterday: Replaying one scene from recent experience and pulling up as many exact details as you can. The exercise focuses on five senses and specific objects or people in the scene.

Living History: Interviewing a person you know, a relative or friend 50 or over, and asking for a first-person account. The starter sheet has some suggestions of topics to ask about.

A Student Union for Kids
Writing a proposal for a teen center in town./

Don't Take "No": There is selling, and then there is selling.A good marketing plan for a good product is good business. In this piece, though, you are to imagine what kind of advertising comes out of a company when their one and only goal is to make the greatest possible amount of money from the folks who are least likely to think twice about spending their money.

Invent an Ultrasport
: Now they've tried everything! Or have they? "They" haven't asked you yet.

Illustration Challenge: 2-part exercise: bring in illustrations, write in response to an illustration you did not bring in.