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Grandma's Kite
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Videos on this page:

Move your bow like a boat (right hand dexterity)

Sound effects:
one really awful sound (no violins or technique were harmed in this video.)

Young players:
Elephants &
Spider's We
finger play for
left hand position

pinky boots

Making a
pinky boot from plasting tubing

Making pinky boots from pencil grips

Other materials for pinky boots


How to make a sound effect from recycled stuff

Bow Skill

Use a pencil to take your bow through the same three moves a boat (or a plane) makes: pitch, yaw, and roll.

(This video is backwards. Pretend you're looking into a mirror. Some day I'll figure out how to flip photo booth movies back the right way.)


Left Hand Skill

This is a song familiar in a lot of preschool settings. I love the absurdity of elephants jumping on a spider's web.

The goal of the activity is to get the left wrist used to playing the violin rather than just holding it.

One little elephant
went out to play
Out on a spider's web one day.
He had such enormous fun,
He asked another elephant to come. (etc.)

Wanna make a really dorky sound on a violin?

Easy schmeasy! All you have to do is hold the bow like a fly swatter!

It sounds better the right way but makes a good sound effect if you're telling a good ghost story.



Using a Pinky Boot

You can put one on your bow
to make it easier to hold, and
one on a pencil for a new
kind of drawing.

Scroll down for more things
to make them out of.


This is a mini version of what percussionists call a lion's roar, which is made from an old tomtom instead of a laundry soap cap. We used it in a class when we had piano students in the same group as string players, who have more ways to make sound effects with their own instruments.

Make a Croakertwanger


1 laundry soap cap
1 rubber band
1 old piece of string
1 paperclip
(but you can use any small hard thing with a hole in it.

Loop the rubber band through the paperclip or bead or whatever.

Then loop the 2 halves of the rubber band around the bottle cap.

Two ways to play:
1. Run your fingers down the string. Let your thumbnail catch on the knots, and they will make the bead bounce on the bottle cap
2. Pluck rhythms on the rubber band.


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The Back Room

by Karen Zethmayr

How to make a pinky boot
out of pencil grips

If your pinky is small enough to fit comfortably into a pencil grip, you can make a pencil grip boot. You will need to fasten it to the bow with a rubberband.


One more way to
make a pinky boot

If you can't find the right size tube or pencil grip, you can make a boot out of plastic marking tape.




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