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The Back Room

by Karen Zethmayr


Let's Have Another Round
~A Book of Rounds to Sing and Play~

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These are rounds I selected and edited for my Suzuki string students. The rounds are sequenced to coordinate with the violin, viola, and cello Suzuki books, with indications about where, in those books, they fit well with what the student has learned so far. Those indications are a little different for each instrument.

The rounds are in keys that all three instruments can play together.

Most children will be able to sing the rounds before they are able to play them. Singing is a great way to strengthen musicianship.

Available at

• Editions for Violin, Viola, and Cello
• Edited and annotated to coordinate with the Suzuki string instrument books. Each song presented with solfege clues, lyrics, and guitar chords. Most are in D and G; a few in C, Bb, and F.

Index of songs in Let's Have Another Round [numbers indicate approximate skill level as presented in the Suzuki books. Cello numbers differ.] Click "Midi" to hear the song. The MP3s are computer generated. The ideal live, human performance is a project down the road.

Ah Poor Bird [1:14] MP3
Alex the Alligator [1:15] MP3
B’ile ‘Em Cabbage Down [1:1] MP3
Black Socks [2:8] MP3
Brother John (Frere Jacques) [1:3] MP3
Carnival Round [1:16] MP3
Christmas Goose Round (Christmas is Coming) [1:8] MP3
Come Follow Me [2:5] MP3
Dona Nobis Pacem [1:13] MP3
Ego Sum Pauper in G/Bb [1:12/2:7] MP3
For Health and Strength [1:12] MP3
Grasshoppers Three [2:8] MP3
Haida Haida [2:7] MP3
Heigh Ho, Anybody Home [1:14] MP3
I Love the Mountains [1:13/2:6] MP3
I Sat Next to the Duchess at Tea [1:16] MP3
I Walk Along with My Lantern
..... (Ich Geh Mit Meiner Laterne) [1:3] MP3
Junk Round (Don't put your junk in my backyard) [1:8] MP3
..... (also known as One Bottle o' Pop

Make New Friends (But Keep the Old) [1:15] MP3
My Dame Hath a Lame Tame Crane [1:4] MP3
Oh How Lovely is the Evening [1:15] MP3
Old King Cole [2:11] MP3
One Bottle of Pop MP3
Pop Goes the Weasel [1:1/1:16] MP3
Rose, Rose [2:6] MP3
Row, Row, Row Your Boat [1:16] MP3
Soldier’s Mess [1:4] MP3
St. Martin’s Day Lantern Song [1:16] MP3
Tallis Canon MP3
..... (Te Lucis Ante Terminum) [1:12] MP3
Well, I Never! [1:16] MP3
White Coral Bells [1:9] MP3
Why Shouldn’t My Goose [1:3] MP3

List of Parent Letter Topics
Bow hold:
Pencil exercises I
Pencil exercises II

YouTube violin demos by Karen Zethmayr; beginning and lasting technique

Left hand strength and flexibility:
1 Little Elephant

Left Hand
"pick up" game

Position in Motion:
"Home built" violins with activities
Reading readiness:
•Go Fish Pitch
•Who Ran Away?
Twinkle Rhythm Flash Cards
Supplementary Music and Midis
Twinkle Rag
Daisy sheet music

Just for Fun:
April Wayland (who plays fiddle and writes books)
~~~~~~check out her book "It's Not My Turn to Look for Grandma."



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