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Grandma's Kite
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The Back Room

by Karen Zethmayr

Ring Tones by Karen Zethmayr
Songs from Flash Games & Cards
These files were generated from the software I use to paste up music I compose and arrange. I used to do that in pencil first, then felt pen. I love drawing with traditional media, but I do not miss those tools when it comes to making music legible and tidy

On the silly side (mellower stuff farther down)

cartoon of dogs in a four poster bed, link to animation,animated click and play song There were Five in the Bed (and the little one said "roll over.")
Get this song as Ring tone: link to this ringtone should be: [If the link doesn't work, try copying only through the number.]

beginner drawing of flowers, beginner piano happy birthday,
Birthday greetings at the mercy of a struggling beginner piano player
(Coming soon, but click to see the ecard.)

clay mice
Birthday Mouse Ballet
Same piano player after much more practice
(This will be on Myxertones when I figure out how their site functions and how they do business.)

how to wear junior birdman goggles, link to Junior Birdman midi

Silly Camp Songs (remember those?)

You must take care to wear your Junior Birdman Goggles properly.
Up in the Air Junior Birdman
The link to this song is

  One Little Elephant Went Out to Play
Just Cuz Ya Wanna Feel Good
Harp Blossom
Harp & Flute (from the Thinking of You card)
Christmas Songs
Fum Fum Fum (Spanish carol)
Christmas Is Coming, The Goose Is Getting Fat



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