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Grandma's Kite
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banjo,bluegrass,gift for musician,it don't mean a thing,music teacher gift,rhythm is everything "Trust me, I'm a prince" link to printed items from CafePress (picture of banjo)
photo of kid's T-shirt, "My dad rocks", dad's day gift, my pop rocks, cute baby gift
My Dad Rocks shirt

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The Back Room

by Karen Zethmayr

Grandma's designs are also available on tees, mugs, and other gift items printed expertly by CafePress. Take a tour and see the possibilities.

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journal, notebook, dancing cow theme, swinging Holstein, dairy dame
link to Grandma's Kite store on CafePress, printed tees, printed mugs, beagles and valentines
"Drum & Beagle Corps" mug, drum and bugle, trumpet, cute beagle picture, bugler, musician, drummer, percussionist
Drum & Beagle Corps
link to Grandma's Kite store on CafePress, printed tees, printed mugs, beagles
valentine for good friend, friendship greeting card, gift just because
ceramic tile gift box with cat and fiddle theme, violin, fiddle, violinist, fiddler, funny cat picture, clay sculpture.
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Grandma's eCards
No EZ form yet to send cards. In the meantime,
Here's how to do it yourself the stone age way:

Happy Spring!link to ecard, animation, scilla sprouting, happy spring

e-card, animated, thinking of you, friendship card
Thinking of you
It's your birthday!
link to ecard, happy birthday card

Drum & Beagle Corps plays
"Good morning!"

• Where did that tune come from? (and why did Grandma leave out the eighth notes?)

Ever click the "send" button too soon?
Grandma didn't do it;

The Mailer Demon
Did It

link to ecard, oops
Thank you card:link to thank you card

Birthday song

(by piano beginner)

link to ecard, bad piano, happy birthday

Where did that tune come from?

Happy 5th Birthday,
Hans (will soon have this card without name)

Keystroke acßtivated
card for a kid to type.




Birthday mice
(same piano player

after lots of practice)

Where did that tune come from?

link to ecard, good piano, happy birthday


drag and drop,preschool computer game,virtual paper doll Drag and drop face to play with
_Mr. Blockhead
Ecard for kids
link to e-card, bon voyage link to ecard, animation, simple preschool art project, how to make a paper mask Fun holiday ecard for beginning reader.Animation shows how to make a torn paper mask; easy reader story guides kids though steps.
Bon Voyage
More Holiday Cards
Christmas tree got to dot, Flash game, animated alphabet dot to dot Dot to dot tree to decorate
dot to dot snowman, follow the dot snowman, winter, Flash alphabet game, abc dot to dot, Christmas game for kids, animated alphabet dot to dot
Dot to Dot Snowman to dress

How to send a card with your email
1. Pick a card:
Click to view.
2. Copy the card's URL (the address beginning with "http" that you see in the address field at the top of the browser window.)
3. Paste the URL into the your email.(If you're new at this, there's more explanation below.)

Back up ^ to card menu

A URL is an address. If your computer sees an unbroken string of characters beginning
with "http://" and ending with ".swf," most email programs automatically underline that string
so you can click it and go somewhere on the Web. That makes it a link.
You can type whatever you want before and after the URL (link.)
What could possibly go wrong? Well......

Sometimes a URL is so long that by the time it gets to your friend in the email,
it has become to two lines with a line break. Computers hate that!
W here did that unbroken string starting with http://-ending-with.swf (or.html) go?

The computer is confused.
Administering chocolate doesn't help.
What can you do about it?

Trick thecomputer. Let your recipients know there's a fix.
Tell them to copy the WHOLE URL,
all the way from http to swf or html,
and then paste it into the address field of the web browser.

Still too web shy to try all that? You can also send your recipient to
and tell them to go to "cards to send," then to the name of the card you picked.

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Where did that tune come from? Information about "Happy Birthday" vs "Good Morning to All"

The song, "Good Morning to All" appeared in the book, Song Stories for the Kindergarten,
pub. 1893. There is a lot of discussion on the web about the Public Domain status
of a 90% similar tune many know as "Happy Birthday." One piece of that discussion,
at, seems well stated to me
(definitely not a lawyer) by J Byron. The difference between the two tunes is
that pair of eighth notes (instead of one quarter note) every time the word "happy" occurs.
There are folks who maintain that that difference is enough to merit a 1935 copyright for
"Happy Birthday." Many disagree, but to be safe, I simply used the "Good Morning to All"
song instead. Plucky singers or players can figure it out.

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kid's T-shirt, "The cow jumped over the moon," Mother Goose, nursery rhyme, funny cow picture
photo of kid's T-shirt, "My dad rocks" tote bag with beagle bugler and lots of hearts, cute dog picture, musician, trumpeter

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