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The Back Room

by Karen Zethmayr


Welcome to the back room of Grandma's website.
Nothing fancy.
Please ignore the coffee stains. 

Things I do for
other websites:

Flash elements, logos,
and web design:

Design concept and adaptation
of client artwork

logos for The Body at Work

sketch of kids on pier, environmental education, kids and teachers

conference Logos for
Wisconsin Association for
Environmental Education

Email me:

Art Resume
Teaching Resume


I love Java, I heart Java, gift for coffee nut, gift idea, burning the midnight oil, coffee mug
One of Grandma's
Luvvacuppa designs



sculpture in BRC
Centercamp, 2005

EL wire sculpture (the lighted blue figures) for my daughter Hilary's
Sacred Spaces installation 2005

Photos and comments
Burning Man, 2004


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